There are 6 beaches in Chile that you should see

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National Park of Pan de Azcar

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This northern nature reserve has at least 100,000 acres of beach and is located on the boundary of Antofagasta and the Atacama desert. It should be high on your list of Chilean beaches to visit because it has four campgrounds where you can have the unique experience of sleeping beneath the stars on immaculately white sand. The park, which is more than 400 square kilometers in size, is a haven for a variety of wildlife. Get ready to witness pelicans, foxes, otters, and guanacos, who are wild llamas’ cousins. Hundreds of Humboldt penguins can be seen by taking a boat ride around Isla Pan de Azcar from the fishing village of La Caleta.(santiago Chile beachesC)

Via del Mar

santiago chile beachesC

One of Chile’s most opulent beach resorts is called Via del Mar. Moreover, it is close to Santiago, which offers some of Chile’s best beaches. Rich Santiaguenos gather here to unwind. Beach las Salinas and Playa Reaca are the two most popular beaches. The Playa Las Salinas is a fantastic option for families visiting the beach. Rocky headlands surround the beach, shielding it from the wind and powerful currents. Playa Reaca has more activity even though the waters are a little rougher. The cafes and shops along its promenade have more than a hint of glitz thanks to the surrounding luxurious apartment structures. During the city’s International Song Festival, try to travel in February, which is high summer in this part of the world. The longest-running music festival in all of Latin America is this well-liked occasion.

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Easter Island’s Playa Anakena

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Playa Anakena has only soft white coral sands, in contrast to the vast majority of the coastline around the mysterious and inaccessible Easter Island. Its tranquil waters are perfect for swimming. Don’t forget to pack a bathing suit—you’ll kick yourself afterwards! It’s difficult to imagine a more stunning setting for the island’s famous moai statues, the enigmatic creatures carved by the Rapa Nui people, than one framed by swaying coconut palms. Furthermore, Anakena is regarded to be the earliest inhabited location on the island, with signs of human occupancy reaching back to 1200 CE. A convenient car park is located directly at the beach’s entrance, which are more recent indications of life. Little kitchens can also be found offering regional specialties like po’e, a typical meal made with pumpkin and flour, and tuna empanadas.

Bahia Inglesa

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Baha Ingles (English Bay), which is surrounded by the arid Atacama Desert, is among Chile’s most beautiful beaches. The British pirates who sought refuge here in the 17th century gave the area its name. Its lengthy stretch of white sand and mild waves are perhaps what drew people there in the first place. All kinds of water sports, from sailing and windsurfing to kitesurfing and kayaking, are available for those who wish to do more than just relax on the sand. Playa La Virgen, which is a bit farther to the south, is also highly recommended. The location is thought to be protected by a rock structure that resembles the Virgin Mary, hence the name.(santiago Chile beachesC)

La Serena

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Even though La Serena is geographically a few kilometers inland, it is renowned for being the quintessential coastal city. Beach El Faro is the nearest beach to town and is so large that even on busy summer weekends you stand a fair chance of finding a secluded space to spread your towel. It is named for its iconic lighthouse. Those with more time to adventure should head to the little island of Isla Damas to spend the day at Beach Las Tijeras. One of the three islands that make up the Humboldt Penguin National Reserve, it will make a lovely addition to a day spent lounging on the beach if you take a boat journey to see these endearing critters.

One of the world’s countries with the most geographic diversity is Chile. Don’t miss our list of the top things to do in Chile if you’re planning a trip to the beach and beyond.

Playa Grande

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The enormous glacier lake of Villarrica is surrounded by the black volcanic beaches of Pucón. The most prominent is Playa Grande, which is overlooked by a still-active volcano’s snow-dusted cone. It’s one of Chile’s most visually arresting beaches. Walking distance from Pucón town, the beach can get fairly crowded during the summer. On the other side, due to its convenient location, a beach day can be combined with a meal in the city and some local Mapuche craft shopping. Consider spending a few days in Pucón to explore the area with guided hiking, mountain biking, and rafting. Pucón is Chile’s adventure playground.(santiago Chile beachesC)