Village and Brewery of Koh Kret Pottery 2023 Guide

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Koh Kret Brewery and Pottery Village

Just north of Bangkok is the incredible small island of Koh Kret. It is situated in the center of the Chao Praya River, which runs from Bangkok to Nakhon Sawan. It’s an odd location for an island, but the drive from Bangkok is absolutely worthwhile.pottery island

Koh Kret is a place where you can truly experience it all, whether you want to stroll around the pottery village, buy at the riverbank floating market, or unwind with a good craft beer at Chit Beer. By the river banks, you will get to experience Bangkok’s relaxed way of life and will feel as though you have temporarily left the city.

Also, Koh Kret is only 30 minutes away from Bangkok! So, let’s move on to the specifics of things to do on Koh Kret.

pottery island

History of Koh Kret

An island called Koh Kret was created in the Chao Praya River in 1722. It was made possible by the existing canal’s enlargement, which gave cargo moving down the river to Bangkok a more direct route. The boats had to travel less than 4 kilometers shorter because to the new island bypass!

Nowadays, Koh Kret is home to a large population of Mon people. The people that built the Mon Bridge in Sangkhlaburi, in the far east of Thailand, share the same ethnic ancestry.

Activities on Koh Kret

Although Koh Kret is a little town, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much there is to do there. There is something for everyone, whether you wish to browse a neighborhood market or relax by the river with a cold beer.

At the Koh Kret Floating Market, shop

pottery island

Start traveling counterclockwise around Koh Kret as soon as you step off the ferry dock. The weekend market by the river will be your first stop.

Although it’s not like the floating markets in Khlong Lat Mayom or Amphawa, some people nevertheless refer to it as one. The market at Koh Kret is not situated immediately on the ocean; rather, it is built along the Chao Praya river’s edge of the island. Yet, it’s a fantastic location to explore.(pottery island)

Teacups, incense burners, platters, and hot pots are just a few examples of the handmade pottery that is available for purchase. These handcrafted items are wonderful practical keepsakes to bring home. Things may need to be properly packaged so they don’t break in your luggage, though.

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There are also a lot of Thai dishes and unusual desserts available here. Try some of the stranger meals, like these green blobs, without hesitation. These noodles are made with pandan and served with sweetened condensed milk syrup. In this tiny wooden shop on the riverbank, it is also worthwhile to taste the khao chae (). Boiled rice is delivered drenched in a flavorful broth of chilled water. This is served with a modest selection of Thai herbs and sauces made from dried fish.

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Take a trip to the Koh Kret Pottery Village.

You can take a detour into one of the narrow alleyways as you walk through the market. Several of these lead to businesses selling handmade pottery. Typically, an elderly person at a table working on handcrafted items.

The successful One Tambon One Product (OTOP) program in Thailand, which showcases a regional Thai product from each district nationwide, includes the pottery in this collection.

You may see how the villagers make their ceramics right here. Prior to painstakingly etching in designs, they first shape the items on the wheel. The objects are then prepared for usage by being burnt in the kiln in the backyard.

pottery island
pottery island

Many items made of Thai pottery, including coffee cups, plates, incense burners, vases, and hot-pot sets, are available for purchase. I particularly adore the incense burners designed to resemble a little Thai hot-pot set, and I’ve been using one at home for the past several years virtually every day!

There isn’t a single spot in the world where Thai pottery can be purchased for less money. Support the neighborhood by shopping at the Koh Kret Pottery Village. Keep in mind that all income bypasses the middleman and is sent directly to the families, allowing you to see exactly who benefits.

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Pedal or ride a bike around Koh Kret

You can continue on the footpath around the island after passing the floating market and pottery town of Koh Kret. It takes around two hours to walk the 5km circumference of the island.

Little coffee shops, communal farms, Buddhist temples, and customary stilt homes constructed by the riverbed may all be seen on the route around Koh Kret. There are also independently owned convenience stores where, if necessary, you may purchase a bottle of cold water and some snacks.

In Koh Kret, there are no actual roads or automobiles, thus your only transportation options are via bicycle or on foot.(pottery island)

Cycling is faster, and you can hire a bicycle close to the ferry for approximately 100 THB (USD 4). Dragging the bicycle through the crowded floating market irritates me quite a bit. I’ve only ever ridden a bike once, and I’ll never do it again.

Although it is more taxing to walk, 5 kilometers is not a long distance. At many locations throughout the island, motorbike taxis are readily available if you become fatigued. At 50 THB (USD 2) per person, the motorbike taxi will take you almost anyplace on Koh Kret. While it is hard to drive too quickly on Koh Kret, it is also relatively safe.

At the Koh Kret Brewery, unwind(Chit Brewery)

Once you’ve completed your tour of the island, be sure to stop by Koh Kret Brewery, also known as Chit Beer.

Chit, the owner, produces his beers every week from Monday through Friday, but they are only ever sipped on Saturday and Sunday. He now offers classes in beer brewing because his beers are so well-liked!

It is actually against the law to brew your own alcohol in Thailand. It has to do with the market monopoly held by the Chang and Singha businesses. Yet Chit continues regardless of this.

As of our most recent visit, the Koh Kret Brewery is only open on the weekends. You’ll enjoy my favorite live music bars in Bangkok if you enjoyed Chit Brewery!

On the Island, spend the night

Want to savor authentic Thai culture for a bit longer? On Koh Kret, you can also spend the night in one of a few modest homestays.

Although I’ve passed a few little, wooden homestays that offer this, I’ve never done it. Keep an eye out for homestay signs as you stroll the island, then stop by to say hi.

How to go from Bangkok to Koh Kret

We used the Chao Praya Express then a cab to get to Koh Kret in the morning. We took a taxi back to Bangkok from Koh Kret to save some time.

  • Boat – Traveling to Koh Kret by boat from Bangkok is the most exciting option. Take the Chao Praya Express, which takes about an hour, from Saphan Taksin Pier to Nonthaburi Pier (final stop). You can board a longtail boat to Koh Kret from Nonthaburi port. Be forewarned that these boats frequently charge too much and prey on visitors. The more advantageous choice is to take a less expensive (less than 100 THB) cab from Nonthaburi pier to Koh Kret (USD 3).
  • Taxi – You can also take a cab directly from Bangkok to Koh Kret. After a long day of sightseeing, this is definitely the best option for getting home. A cab will cost you 300 THB and will arrive in 30 to 45 minutes. To avoid the awful Bangkok traffic, instruct the taxi driver to take the elevated road (tang duwan).
  • Transport – You can also go from Bangkok to Koh Kret on bus routes 104 and 166. Local buses in Bangkok may be inexpensive, but they are also slow, hot, uncooled, and crowded. If you want to save money, take the bus, but be forewarned.