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What Content Do We Want?

Okay, so first off, what exactly are the expectations for the submissions? The following are the only topics that pique our interest(Guest Posting)

  • Topics of interest to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community
  • anything having to do with Africa (with extra points if it’s about Eastern or Central Africa)
  • Content Relating to the Middle East
  • Subject matter pertaining to Central Asia
  • Topics pertaining to India
  • Content relating to Brazil
  • information connected to China
  • Content relating to technology or equipment
  • Trips for the Elderly
  • Adventure travel Group travel Student travel
  • Budget backpacking trips with minimal comfort sacrificed
  • Any Related Content From Travel

Your presentations should centre on topics relevant to cost-cutting, such as inexpensive activities and lodging, recommended services and apps, cost-cutting tips, and travel hacks. We’re looking for service pieces that can make our readers’ trips easier, more enjoyable, and more affordable.Of course, stories about travel are also fantastic, provided they teach the reader something or offer some advise they may employ on their own journeys.

The typical post is extremely comprehensive, with numerous helpful links and unique advice. A good scoop always makes my day.

Methods for Creating a New Thread
Please forward all submissions for new guest writers to TravelFootstep.info@gmail.com with the subject line “New Guest Writer Article Submission.”(Guest Posting)

These should be included:

  • Where you’ve been and when
  • Your Website/Video Channel
  • Two further guest blogs you’ve written and provided links to
  • Your article’s proposed topic(s), including a working title and brief synopsis (s)

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